Sunday, 4 November 2012


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Damien Codognotto OAM
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Series  2  of  Temporary  Australians  will be launched at this year's
Australian Motorcycle Expo at  the  Melbourne  Convention  and  Exhibition
Centre  on  Saturday, November 24 at 2.30 pm on the QBE stage inside
the Expo.
Greg Hirst asks Georges Gouron why he wore out three 900 Diversions riding round the world.

Live  to  Ride  and Two Wheels Editor Miles Rangeley will join Brendan
Jones and Greg Hirst to announce details  of  the  2013 series and preview
some of the new stories from the great Aussie Biker Culture.

Also launched at this year's show will be a range of Temporary
Australians merchandise including the official

DVD  of  Series  1,  Temporary  Australians t-shirts and cloth badges,
Greg's stories from the biker scene

called  'My  Motorcycling  Life  1 and 2' all on sale at the Temporary
Australians stand number 730.

The  official  Temporary Australians DVD contains all 13 episodes from
Series 1 in a quirkily covered three disc set will be on
sale  for  the  special  show price of $30, along with t-shirts $25,
cloth badges $5 plus Greg's books $15 each.

As  a  special show deal this $90 value will be on sale in one package
for $60.


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