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Thanks for facts on FNP. Hopefully 3AW will take it on board and not be so biased. I also smell a smoke screen as VicPol et el want to detract attention away from the PIMS recommendations as that is what is on the table and not FNPs.


Saturday, May 11, 2013, 5:25:33 PM, you wrote:

This week the FNP issue flared up again because the Victorian Road Safety Camera Commissioner made another call for them. He was disappointed that the Government hadn't acted on his recommendation to have FNP's fitted to motorcycles. He publicly stated that it's just a matter of affixing a simple bracket to mount a plate on the front of bikes. This was repeated by VicPol and several times by Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

They keep saying that it's simple despite the DoJ, VicPol and the RSCC being aware of the official VicRoads research that confirms it is NOT FEASIBLE. What does that say about how this issue is being carried out in the public?

The following excerpt comes from the ***official*** VicRoads submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety.

“Between 2002 and 2008, VicRoads investigated the front Identification of motorcycles using decals (sticky labels) and fittings (brackets) to suit the many different designs of motorcycles

However, the Corporation was unable to develop a common decal type and fixing method that would be suitable for every motorcycle model. Decals were identified as being difficult to implement and as modern designs evolve, particularly for sports type motorcycles it will become more difficult to attach decals and mounting brackets. Other issues identified included a requirement for the fittings to be fixed by a certified installer and the associated costs. Consultation with senior officers of other transport agencies at that time indicated that a decal solution was not generally preferred.

In March 2009 the Standing Committee on Transport endorsed the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) as the agency to lead the national development of a technology-based solution for identifying motorcycles. In undertaking this role, TMR commissioned a consultancy to examine Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and digital speed camera equipment to see how well RFID technology met the required performance criteria.

The examination concluded that RFID is not a practical solution to complement existing speed enforcement practices for the identification of motorcycles, and is unlikely to be for the foreseeable future and that new speed cameras that can target speeding motorcycles from the front and identify them from their rear plates are being trialled in Australia.” Full submission:

So there is the truth.

It just goes to show how badly the agencies want FNP's and what lengths they've gone to try and create a public groundswell against riders. Please share this information.

The Final report from the PIMS - which says nothing about FNP's clearly suggesting that FNP's are not a genuine road safety improvement is here:

All riders and ideally non-riders, (including Neil Mitchell) need to know the truth.
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