Thursday, 16 January 2014



Exciting opportunity for a student of Marketing to gain experience in Blog and Website marketing as well as Social Media development during summer holidays.

IRG, a Melbourne based not for profit organisation for motorcylcists is offering a two month internship during February/March 2014. Interested applicants should have some experience with Google Analytics, backlinking, all forms of Social Media (Blogs, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-in, Youtube etc), be able to write good tight and effective copy. Some knowledge about effective website advertising would be welcomed. Position to be carried out at home with Social Media training provided once a week via skype.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is for training and development and has no financial remuneration.

For further details please mail Adrienne at mail

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  1. tight arse, and by the way, all interested applicants, please do not steal any ideas, Damien can be a bit touchy A.K.A white ant him, but good luck if you like to be abused and intimidated, threatened if you do not agree with his dictatorship rules, to which he changes regularly...