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Doug   Sunderland  was one of Australian motorcycling's greats. He was
a rider for  73  years and his two-wheel adventures would fill the lives of ten ordinary riders.

Doug passed away early on January 15, 2014.

He made a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter  safety  at
the  hearing in Wangaratta, Victoria. It is worth reading.

Hi Damien,

Here is an email I just got.

It is sad news.

John Vance
Wangaratta, Vic.

I am writing to you to let you know that Dad, Doug Sunderland, passed
away early this morning. As you may be aware Dad suffered a major
debilitating stroke in July this year, as a result it affected his
memory and his cognitive impairment to the point where we were forced to
place him in Illoura Nursing home.  Since that time Dad suffered
numerous mini strokes the most recent last Sunday morning rendering him
comatose and non responsive a condition he remained in until he passed
away around 3am this morning.

We have a meeting at 3pm today with the funeral home with the thought at
this stage the funeral would be mid next week.

Please be advised that Dad's service will be private family only with an
after service celebration with all welcome, We will advise you of dates

Please tell any and all related or connected to Dad in any way that they
will be most welcome as well.

The bottom line is Dad was a tough old bugger who had taken many hits
over the years but kept going and as usual did things in his own time
frame his own way which we were all please, it is just unfortunate the
sad way it ended and not over the edge of a cliff on his bike as he
always hoped for.

Cliff Sunderland
Hello Damien, John,

In the absence of telephone numbers for either of you,  I have some sad news to 
impart via this email.

Doug Sunderland passed away yesterday in Wangaratta. I am assuming, based on 
past correspondence, that his family will want a private funeral ceremony but I also 
know that a great many people will want to pay their final respects. I have just posted 
on our Facebook page my intentions.

I am in the process of organising a Memorial Run for him on Australia Day, Jan 26th, 
from Sydney to Wang and I'm wondering Damien whether you'd care to arrange 
something likewise from Melbourne? 

John, we'll need some local advice and logistical assistance for just where we might 
meet in Wang; no idea at this stage how many bikes might be involved.

Please feel free to call me, 02 9970 6370 to discuss.       


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