Monday, 20 January 2014



The crack appears to just be the membrane separating from the asphalt due to the heat (no structural damage):

However that shouldn't stop us from pointing out that motorcycles have the lowest impact on the roads and do not cause these kinds of problems.

NB. It was probably the trucks that made that asphalt move over the membrane.
Traffic chaos caused by two lanes on Melbourne's West Gate Bridge being closed is bad for everyone.

Trucks damage infrastructure BUT in the short to medium term we can't move goods any other way.

Single occupant cars make up 70% of the city's traffic and a lot of them are on unnecessary trips. They pollute our air, clog roads and damage infrastructure. These drivers should be encouraged to commute by scooter or motorcycle. If 5% of car drivers made the switch everyone would benefit. We'd breath easier and save time and money.

Australian cities will continue to grow and the motorcycle & scooter community will too. This was documented in the Federal Major Cities Unit report The State of Australian Cities - 2012.

VicRoads must abandon its antibike policies and the Transport Accident Commission must review motorcycle & scooter CTP premiums and abolish the "safety levy" (antibike tax). They should follow the City of Melbourne's lead and actively promote commuting by motorcycles & scooters.


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