Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Something has changed in the Victoria Police over the last decade or so. Command policies and methods have changed and not in a way that inspires confidence in police by the general public.

On Wednesday, January 1, 2014, Damien Codognotto wrote:

G'day all.

I half heard a bit on ABC radio about the Victoria Police being taken to court for discriminating against black African migrants?

I'd like to know more. What law? What court? What are the police supposed to have done?

It may apply to the way motorcyclists are treated by police in some cases?


I have been fully involved with the case
I supplied evidence to the lawyers for the lads  in the Flemington case
It was presented to Vicpol & assisted in reaching a settlement 
My evidence was an statement to the OPI in relation to the matter
The whole OPI investigation was a direct cover up by Vicpol
It never got investigated by Vicpol

Dale Robert Maggs
Mob 0432776458
Independent Riders Group

There's currently a discrimination case involving police unfairly targeting young Africans and that's been given alot of media coverage. Alongside this, the Sunshine Police are in trouble with some very racist stubbie holders they have in their bar.

Not sure if you heard the tail end of this media report at all?


Name supplied.


Wasn't it the Sunshine police that let the old Chinese bloke die in the rain?


That happened at Dandenong Police station. 

Outrageous situation and something I'd expect in China not here. 

Sometimes I think WE should have the status of developing nation.

Name supplied.

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