Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Bicycles have been permitted to use bus lanes in Victoria for more than two years. There was no trial as for motorcycles & scooters. VicRoads apparently changed the rules for the pushbike lobby with a stroke of the pen based on a bureaucrat's opinion. The bus lane sign pictured above is in a hilly suburb and this bus lane is in a 70 kph speed zone.

The VicRoads trial permitting motorcycles & scooters to use a straight, flat bus lane in Hoddle Street began in November 2011. It was supposed to end in July 2012, but it did not. Papers obtained by the IRG through the freedom of information law does seem to show any problems with motorcycles & scooters using bus lanes but the results of the trial are still in the bowels of VicRoads four months after the trial was supposed to end.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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