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VSRA - Victorian Scooter Riders Association

Media Release

16 October 2012

The  VSRA,  representing  Victoria’s  four  largest  scooter clubs, is
adding  its  voice  to concerns in the motorcycle fraternity regarding
expected  findings  from  the  Victorian  Parliamentary  Inquiry  into
Motorcycle Safety. The government is expected to introduce legislation
in  the  near future, based on findings from this inquiry. Anticipated
by  scooter  riders  is  the  introduction of compulsory fluoro vests;
compulsory  jackets,  gloves  and boots and the return of front number
plates or other forms of identification.

The  VSRA  supports  improvements  in  safety  for riders but does not
believe  these anticipated measures will improve scooter rider safety.
The  greatest  threat to scooter riders is cars. The VSRA would rather
see  better  education  programs  for  car drivers and riders than the
introduction of mandated gear such as fluoro vests.

VSRA spokesperson Steve Bardsley, speaking on behalf of scooter riders
said  “Scooter  riders  are  supportive of appropriate safety gear but
believe  that  it  is  up  to  individual  riders  to  decide  what is
appropriate  for  their  riding  conditions.”  A  great  percentage of
scooter  riders are commuters using the inner city road network and do
not ride at high speeds. The VSRA does not support the introduction of
mandatory safety gear that is suited to high-speed sports bike riders.
This  gear  is not appropriate for the vast majority of scooter riders
commuting to work.

The VSRA believe that front plate identification is more about revenue
raising than safety for riders. Front plates will be costly, difficult
to   retrofit  and  will  achieve  zero  improvements  in  safety  for
scooterists  and motorcycle riders. The VSRA wants money spent on real
safety  initiatives such as driver education to minimise the risk that
cars pose to scooterists rather than front plate identification.

The  VSRA will be joining other motorcycle riders in a protest ride on
Monday 29 October to oppose the anticipated findings from the inquiry.

For further information or media interviews please contact:

Steve Bardsley on 0409 848 428 or

The VSRA represents:

    The Vespa Club of Melbourne

    The Melbourne Crusaders

    The Lambretta Club of Australia and

    The Melbourne Scooter Connection
Victorian Scooter Riders Association

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