Sunday, 21 October 2012


There earlier blog entries on the Hoddle Street trial permitting motorcycle & scooter riders to use bus lanes in peak hour. The Age ran a story on a report that suggests bicycles be allowed to use bus lanes. It just mentions the motorcycles & scooters trial which seems to be in limbo.

The Age got it wrong. bicycles have been permitted in peak hour bus lanes for more than two years with no trial or study, apparently a stroke of the pen and a bureaucratic opinion is all you need to change regulations if you are a bicyclist.


Bicycles  are  permited  to use bus lanes. The above picture of the
sign  is  in a 70 kph zone. Few bicyclists, even with enhanced performance, 
can do 70 kph in hilly suburbs like Doncaster. VicRoads changed the rules 
without a trial or  study. See the VicRoads letter below.  It  seems  VicRoads  
did not consult bus drivers, only bus company executives.

The  motorcycle & scooter bus lane trial in Hoddle Street was supposed
to end in June 2012 but seems to be in limbo.

Apparently  VicRoads  did  not consult all stakeholders on the Hoddle
Street trial. Mike McNess bus driver representative at the TWU did not
know  of the trial. It seems VicRoads consulted bus company executives
not drivers.

Documents  obtained  by  the  Independent  Riders'  Group  through the
freedom  of information act indicate the trial permiting motorcycles &
scooters  to  use  bus  lanes  had  a  positive outcome. Motorcycles &
scooters did not appear to slow buses as they can keep up with traffic
and  riders  are  safer in bus lanes with professional drivers than in
peak hour traffic.

Please read The Age story on the bicycle report and vote and comment.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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