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You can (and should) write to candidates for the Melbourne City Council too. You can get their email addresses from:


Monday, October 8, 2012, 2:46:12 PM, you wrote:

Dear Damien

Thanks for your note. I am  to you on writing on behalf of the Morgan Elliot Team. 

To be frank - Although I have several friends who  ride scooters and motor bikes   I knew very little about the Motorcycle & scooter (PTW) perspective on Melbourne  
until I received your email. I had not really thought about the particular issues which impact on their experience of the roads.

Our Team  has commented on the 9 points below.
Should we be elected, we look forward to investigating the many issues you raise. 
Clearly more motorcycle and scooter use will help address the congestion which is choking  Melbourne.

Jackie Watts
Michael Kennedy 
So : 

If elected, will you:

1.   seek to establish & promote more centre-of-the-road PTW parking?

METeam : We commit to is investigating with the view to ensuing the space allocation for bikes & scooters is adequate and fair.  

2.   seek to  establish  &  promote  more  off-street PTW parking with
 lockers for protective clothing as a road safety measure?

METeam : we commit to investigating this.  

3.   lobby  park  &  ride  facility  operators  to provide secure, lit parking  for  PTWs as a link to public transport, particularly in outer suburbs? You can park 6 to 10 PTWs in a single car space.  

METeam : This completely aligns with Morgan Elliott policies parking at the perimeter of the City of Melbourne, However, as you know we have no direct control of such matters in outer suburbs but are happy to co-ordinate our actions with other councils.

4.   lobby  the  Ambulance  Service and MFB to use more PTWs to lower response  times,  reduce  traffic  disruption  and  cut  costs? Af full-size  ambulance or fire truck responding to a false alarm or
minor  incident  in  the  city  disrupts traffic. The majority of emergency calls in Melbourne are false alarms or minor incidents. 

METeam : Yes shall lobby - but our concern remains  that  the redesigned Swanston St a hazard impeding emergency vehicles of all kinds.

 5.   lobby  for  more  and  continuing enforcement of in-car offences, particularly   mobile   phone   offences.   This   would  benefit  pedestrians and bicyclists too.

METeam : Certainly - we argue that not enough regulatory enforcement. 

6.   support and  promote the 110 anniversary celebration of the world   famous  PTW  precinct  in  Elizabeth Street? The first motorcycle shop was opened near the GPO by the Milledge Brothers in 1903.

METeam : Yes - sounds like a  great opportunity to celebrate our cycle heritage.

7.   support PTW safety promotion like a RIDE TO WORK DAY for PTWs?

METeam : Yes - again sounds like a reasonable request for   equitable representation 

8.   lobby  for  PTWs  to  be  permitted  to  use  bus  lanes as done interstate  and overseas? A trial in Hoddle Street was due to end  in June 2012 but seems to have slipped into limbo.  

METeam : it does seem reasonable that a trial should occur and then a determination made.

 9.   lobby  VicRoads to permit and encourage traffic filtering by PTWs as they do with bicyclists.

METeam : We commit to exploring this matter further with VicRoads and other councils

Jackie Watts
Michael Kennedy 

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  1. Actually there are large numbers of peoples who can't afford cars so they move to scooters and mopeds but there are very few facilities for scooter driver, I'm with you these points should be accepted.