Sunday, 2 February 2014



I was at the VLAD rally on Australia day in Melbourne and heard about the 4th Feb Parliament anti association legislation – I am aware of a well established independent group down here who know the constitution inside out. 

I have been to a couple of their meetings and was impressed by their knowledge and the wide range of people who attended their meetings. They are  the Community Law resource Group. I am going to their next meeting which is not advertised on their site as is the first one in western Melbourne – but you can see other venues. Meetings are well run and a fount of information on our rights etc. 

Just thought if you have contacts around Melbourne they might like to contact the group and or go to a meeting – they are working in the same direction trying to maintain freedoms etc. The email  of the person I have been dealing with is David Woods

You may know of them already but if not could be handy.

Best wishes 


Hi Damien,

FYI: Been to the CLR meetings... and know many of the people involved.

The courts don't like them (they're often considered vexatious litigants) but they raise valid points.

It's often useful to go to a meeting if the law interests you... and the meetings are usually quite close to you.

Ps. CLRG was spun off from Nexus... which I have been a much more regular attendee of.


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