Monday, 10 February 2014


As you know the IRG does not charge membership fees.

Since 2007 our activities have been funded by individual members but 2014 is an election year in Victoria and we are going to be very busy working to get a better deal for Victorian motorcycle & scooter riders. We've made t-shirts to promote your organisation and to help pay a few bills.

The shirts are $30 each plus $5 postage per order.

You can order by sending a postal address with the number and sizes of shirts to:

You can pay directly into the Bendigo Bank.

Account name:  Independent Riders Group

BSB:  633-000

Account number:  151266574

We are setting up a Pay Pal account so you can order through our facebook pages.

The Independent Riders' Group Logo is the Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle.


  1. Cowards don't put their name to a comment.
    The eagle logo is mine. I took the photo. I did the artwork. I hold copyright. You not only lack courage and integirty, you are ignorant and parade it for all to see.

    Damien Codognotto OAM