Monday, 12 May 2014


VicRoads recently introduced compulsory conspicuity restrictions for novice motorcycle & scooter riders. These laws will spread interstate and are aimed at covering all riders in future. IRG founding member Rod Brown sees his local media and MPs on a regular basis. Here is an article on the dayglo vest law that Rod generated in the Sunbury Macedon Weekly.

You can too.

By the way, I am reliably informed that VicRoads are working on making boots compulsory for all riders. No definition of what a boot is. This regulation too is the thin edge of their wedge. If Vic gets it, so will other states and territories. Think about it. It will reduce your choices and, in the medium term will make bike footwear more expensive. And, it will give police yet another excuse for roadside checks.

The IRG will strongly oppose this unnecessary restriction on riders. If there was real consultation with road authorities we may consider a ban on some footwear like thongs and sandals but we will fight compulsory boots because it will be expanded to the 5 compulsory items of protective clothing being pushed by VicRoads/TAC/police.

2014 is an election year in Victoria and they need your vote. Go see you MP.

And, join the IRG. It's free. All we need is your name, post code and email address. You can resign any time you like. IRG reserves the right to refuse a membership application without explanation.



ROD   BROWN   is  right  about  compulsory  high  visibility vests for
novice motorcycle  &  scooter  riders.  There  is  nothing wrong  with
riders  choosing  to  wear  bright  gear. The Independent Riders Group
support educating  riders  about  being seen and educating car drivers
to  look  for  vulnerable  road  users.

"I did not see him/her" is an admission of negligence when operating a
vehicle. Police should book car drivers accordingly.

The problem is NOT with conspicuity, it is with the law. Education not
legislation   saves   lives   in this case. It is worth noting that no
hi viz laws  are  planned for pedestrians and bicyclists, or are they?

There  is  no  evidence  to  suggest  that hi viz clothing in daylight
reduces bike crashes involving other vehicles. VicRoads did not do the
research.  They  just thought it was a good idea that would be blindly
accepted by the public.

It  is  significant that Victorian Parliamentary Inquiries on 1992 and
2012 studied bike conspicuity and did NOT recommend hi viz laws.

There  are  over  326,000  Victorians  licenced  to ride motorcycles &
scooters.  Riders  pay as much as a car for their registration and TAC
insurance.  Touring  riders  spend an estimated $750 million each year
and most of that money is spent in regional Victoria. We more than pay
our way. And most riders pay for a car too.

The hi viz law should be repealed.

Damien Codognotto OAM

Independent Riders Group

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