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The media release below has been sent to a large 
number of media contacts. Please pass it on or use 
it on websites, facebook pages and so on.

This morning I was rung by a staffer from Daniel 
Andrews' office.  Daniel Andrews MP is the Leader
of the Victorian Opposition. The Opposition will
support Luke Donnellan and our protest at VicRoads.

This is a real opportunity to get some serious media 
coverage of our issues. We need bikes. Even if you
can only ride past VicRoads HQ in Denmark Street,
Kew,you can blow your horn in support.



May 24, 2014

Dear Editor.
Roads   Minister   Mulder   was  on  radio  this  morning  calling  on
Melbournians  to leave their cars at home and use  public transport on
weekends.   Mont   Albert   resident,  Damien  Codognotto  OAM,  said.
"Commuters  move  through  every  suburb. On four wheels they clog our
roads, on two they reduce congestion."

The  Herald  Sun  today  ran  a  front  page  story  that said traffic
congestion on weekends was getting as bad as on workdays.

The   Leader   of   the   Opposition,  Daniel  Andrews  MP,  supported
legitimising  motorcycle  &  scooter  traffic filtering as part of the
answer   to  our  city's  traffic  problems.  NSW  and  Qld  are  both
legitimising bike traffic filtering.

Most cars seat 5 or 7 people but carry just one person. They are often
on unnecessary trips. A small reduction in single occupant cars on our
overcrowded  streets  will mean a significant reduction congestion and
an increase in available parking for those who must drive.

Permitting motorcycle & scooter riders to use bus lanes, as interstate
and overseas would improve safety and traffic flow.

Commuter  routes are from the suburbs to the city and between suburbs.
City  of  Melbourne surveys and VACC sales figures show that commuting
by  motorcycle  or  scooter  has  more  than  doubled  in  5 years.

Major  benefits can be gained for Melbourne's motorists by encouraging
walking,  cycling,  public transport and riding motorcycles & scooters
to   work.   Attention   must   be   given  by  both  state  and local
governments,  to motorcycle & scooter commuter routes  and  to  secure
bike  parking  and  lockers  at "park & ride" facilities.

By  supporting  the legitimising of safe traffic filtering for riders,
as  recommended by  the  2012  Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle &
scooter  safety,  VicRoads   would  take  an  important  step  towards
reduced  traffic congestion in Melbourne and surrounds.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group
Mont Albert North

Mobile: 0419 846 855.
MAY 2014


PROTEST AT VICROADS HQ 8 AM MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014.Motorcycle  &  scooter  riders will protest against VicRoads' proposed
bike laws and  its' apparent contempt for  the  Parliamentary  Inquiry
into motorcycle & scooter safety.

Speakers include  The Hon Luke Donnellan MP, Shadow Minister for Roads
and Mr John Voyage of  Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.
VicRoads   released    its'    graded   licence   system (GLS)  at the
start    of    May.   There  was  no real stakeholder consultation. It
carries  2  conspicuity  laws.  The   GLS    must   go   back  to  the
drawing board.

Damien Codognotto OAM spokesman for the Independent Riders Group said.
"With traffic congestion chronic, this is an irresponsible move by the
road authority."
Rider  training  at ( costs up  to  $550  for  a
course on the weekend. Add to that the price of a bike, and protective
gear  and  too  many people will buy an   old   car. A few  will  ride
illegally.  Others  will  cut  back  on safety gear. The GLS,  as  is,
will increase costs to $300 in the first year.

The  Independent Riders Group (IRG) is for improved rider training but
costs  must be reduced. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) should
subsidise training and re-training for all road users.

Car  drivers  should  be  taught  about   motorcycles  &  scooters and
be tested on a basic knowledge of motorbikes.

The conspicuity laws must be removed from the GLS. Benefit, if any, is
gained   from   voluntary   use of high visibility vests.  Posties are
dayglo  head  to  toe  but cars still hit them. Headlights are already
covered by an ADR. Benefits are doubtful.

There were Parliamentary Inquiries into motorcycle & scooter safety in
1992  and  2012.  Both  took conspicuity very seriously. The all-party
Road   Safety   Committee  (RSC)  made  64  recommendations  in  2012.
Significantly, conspicuity laws were not recommended by either inquiry.

A  'whole of government response'  to  the  inquiry   means   the  64
recommendations have been ignored  and VicRoads has continued with its'
agenda dating back to 2010.

Damien  Codognotto said. "The 'whole of government  response'  to  the
inquiry isn't credible. Most of it was written by VicRoads."

"Four   things   should   happen  now.  First,  send  the GLS back for
consultation  and  repair.  Second, legitimise  traffic  filtering for
safer, more efficient commuting.  Third,  let  motorbikes  &  scooters
use  bus  lanes.  And,  fourth,  abolish   the   TAC   antibike tax as
recommended in the inquiry report."
 Codognotto said.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Mobile:0419 846 855  

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