Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Motorcyclists are recognised in an RACV survey. Please fill it in and pass it on. We motorcycle & scooter riders need to make our presence felt if we want to continue to ride.

AND, go see your MP & media about the hi viz vest & lights-on laws. See previous posts. VicRoads ignored the Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations on this so what's the point in a tax-payer funded Parliamentary Road Safety Committee?


G'day all!

Had to pass this on; shock, horror, the RACV has acknowledged motorbikes exist, but sadly missed scooters.  :-(   

There's only 17 days to go on the survey, but thought 'we' ie IRG & VSRA might like to take this opportunity to get something to RACV, while they're apparently asking for advice!  Even if that is only to identify 'redspots'.

I'll post it on IRG Northern and draw regional riders attention to it, as more the merrier for feedback.  Reckon Dale will have a ball with this one around his area!!

Cate :-) 

"Whether you are driving a motor vehicle, riding a bicycle or motorbike, driving or catching a bus or tram, or walking we want to hear from you about those congested road locations that make you frustrated."

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