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Between  7  and  9  am on Monday, May 26, 2014

the Independent Riders Group  will  protest  against  the proposed compulsory high
visibility vest and lights-on laws for novice motorcycle & scooter riders and the
coming compulsory boots for riders law.

It  is  short  notice,  but  only VicRoads insiders knew the threat was imminent.

Consultation   was  an  elaborate  sham.

Most motorcycle & scooter  organisations  were taken by surprise.

The  IRG  supports  improved  road  user education, especially for car drivers  who
cause  most  of  the  injury and death on our roads. The Graduated   Licence  System
(GLS)  makes  it  harder,  and  a  lot more expensive,  to  get  a  bike  licence  while
doing  nothing to promote car driver awareness of vulnerable road users, including us.

The  IRG  supports  the voluntary use of protective clothing and would consider   a
ban  on  thongs/sandals/hi-heels  for  riders  but  NOT compulsory boots, gloves,
jackets & pants which is what VicRoads/TAC/police are pushing for. In my opinion,
these long-term plans have nothing to do with our safety and everything to do with more
fines and making it harder to own a motorcycle or scooter.

The Motorcycle   Advisory  Group  (MAG) at VicRoads failed to warn the motorcycle
community of the dangers hidden in the GLS and the planned boots law. These rider
restrictions  are proposed  while  real  road  safety  measures  like  driver  awareness
campaigns, the use  of bus lanes and legitimising traffic filtering were again delayed
by VicRoads.

On  May 26 riders will gather ati VicRoads car park at 60 Denmark Street in Kew.

Melways map 45 reference C7.

The IRG will be there from 7 am.

Riders can join us for all or part of the protest. It is a work day so many may not be able
to make it but this is very important so riders should do their best to attend.

These  laws will effect all Victorians. If introduced here, they will  spread  interstate  and
expand to cover more and more riders. If you  can't  be  there  on  May 26, go see your MP.
2014 is a Victorian election year.

Speeches are at 8 am.

The  IRG will demand a meeting with Minister Mulder that morning.  

For the latest information on the May 26 protest visit:

Damien Codognott OAM
Independent Riders Group
To the sitting members of Victorian Parliament.

I  agree  with Mr Codognotto's points and also warn that nobody in the
motorcycle  community  wants these foolhardy proposals to be made law.
(Why aren't cycle riders being targeted by this?)

As  Damien points out there is an election coming and the Coalition is
a minority government.

Neale Brumby- EDITOR


PO Box 96 Ascot Vale VIC 3032

Tel:   03 9317 5004

On 14/05/14 1:34 PM, "Damien Cognotto OAM"
<> wrote:

To  all  Victorian  Members  of  Parliament  especially members of the
Victorian Road Safety Committee.

In  the  interests  of real motorcycle & scooter safety, please listen
to this radio podcast:

Mr John Voyage from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Grant Delahoy for the Victorian Motorcycle Council.

The  Independent  Riders Group strongly opposes conspicuity laws.

There  is  no  evidence  to suggest these laws work.

The    2012    Parliamentary    Inquiry  (PIMS)   did   not  recommend
COMPULSORY conspicuity for good reason.

The  "whole  of government response" to the 64 PIMS recommendations is
not credible because it was mostly written by VicRoads/TAC/police.

The    compulsory  conspicuity  and  protective  clothing  agenda  was
released by VicRoads/TAC/police in 2010, well before the PIMS research
and  study  of motorcycle & scooter safety in Victoria. In our opinion
VicRoads/TAC/police    had   no   intention   of   taking   the   PIMS
recommendations  seriously  and  see  our  elected  representatives as
surplus to their requirements.

326,000 Victorians  are  licenced  to ride motorcycles & scooters. They
vote. There is an election in 2014.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Vicroads 'feeding the chooks' so they can say to Pollies ' we consulted'
They keep on doing what they want, based on their 'consultants' opinion who charge like wounded bulls.
State based 'road safety' organisations are a waste of space
Federal Govt should take control nationally. 

Regards S
On 16 May 2014, at 4:02 pm, DAMIEN CODOGNOTTO OAM <> wrote:

James Holgate
Dear Sir.

When  we heard about bike forums in recent years we asked to attend as
legitimate  stakeholders.  We were told it was "invitation only". This
happened  more  than  once,  to  more  than one of us. When one of our
members  did  manage to get in to one of these forums it was described
by  a  panel member as "an information night". It was not described as
an exchange of views or a chance for stakeholder input.

At the one workshop we were finally invited to last March there was no
mention of compulsory conspicuity laws. Or compulsory boots.

These  items  were  NOT  recommended in the 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry
report for good reason.

Many  positive  items have been delayed by VicRoads. Examples: traffic
filtering & bus lanes and abolishing the TAC antibike tax.

The  whole of government response to the inquiry was mostly written by
Vicroads/TAC/police so it is not credible. What is the point of having
a  tax  payer  funded,  all-party  committee inquiry into motorcycle &
scooter  safety  if  our  public  servants act as public officials and
overrule our elected representatives?

We strongly oppose your compulsory conspicuity and protective clothing
laws  because  they  are not based on scientific evidence, stakeholder
consultation  has  been  selective  (a  farce)  and in some cases your
rules/actions put us at greater risk in traffic.

It is a bit late to be supplying this information now. I suspect it is
only  because  of  the  backlash against the media release written for
Minister Mulder.

We  will look at the information you have provided and give it serious
and  fair  consideration,  which  is  a  lot  more  than  you gave our
legitimate input.

The IRG is certainly not against improving road user education for ALL
road  users  and  would  probably  support  the  GLS if the compulsory
conspicuity laws had not been attached.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group
Dear Damien,

Rodney  Blythe  has  passed  on  to  me  your  request for information
regarding the new Motorcycle GLS. (See emails below. - DC) 

1. Stakeholder consultation

VicRoads has engaged in extensive consultation to inform the design of
the recommended model.

On  2 September 2010, the then Minister for Roads and Ports released a
public    discussion    paper    titled   ‘Graduated   licensing   for
motorcyclists’.  The public consultation phase concluded on 29 October

Tools  used  to inform the community about the consultation activities
for the release of the discussion paper included:

Ministerial launch (The IRG was not informed nor invited - DC)On  2  September 2010, the then Minister launched the discussion paper
with invitees from government, VMAC and motorcycle training providers.
A media release was prepared and distributed at the launch.
.        Direct mailout to stakeholders (Not to IRG - DC)
On  2  September, an introductory letter, copy of the discussion paper
and  a  fact  sheet  was sent to the following stakeholders (number in
brackets indicates volumes):  
-        Accredited motorcycle training providers (13)
-        Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council member organisations (25)
-        Government stakeholders (10)
-        Road safety researchers (6)
-        Other Australian state road authorities (13)
-        VicRoads customer service centres (1030)


In the week commencing 5 September 2010, advertisements were placed in
the  Herald  Sun,  Age,  MX and regional newspapers covering the areas
where  the  information  forums  were being held.  Advertisements were
also  translated  and published in ethnic newspapers (Turkish, Arabic,
Cantonese, Mandarin, Macedonian and Vietnamese).

Posters  with details about the information forums and how to obtain a
copy  of  the  discussion  paper  and were distributed to all VicRoads
customer  service centres and accredited motorcycle training providers
throughout Victoria.  

Media  releases  were  prepared  in  the regions where the information
forums were being held.

Four  information  forums  were  held between 20 September 2010 and 29
September  2010 at Traralgon, Benalla, Ballarat and Melbourne. A total
of 74 people attended these forums.  A report summarising the outcomes
of  these  forums  was  published  on  the VicRoads website but I have
attached a copy, for your convenience.  

The  GLS model developed following these consultations was provided to
the  Parliamentary  Road  Safety  Committee's  Inquiry into Motorcycle
Safety  in  2012  by  way of a public supplementary submission and the
matter   of   high  visibility  clothing  and  mandatory  headlight-on
requirements were raised by Vicroads in its verbal evidence.  

2.  Evidence  that compulsory conspicuity measures reduce motorcycle &
scooter  crashes.  The  role  of  conspicuity  measures  in  improving
detection of motorcyclists in traffic was examined by Wells et al (BMJ
2004;  328),  who reported a 37% reduction in risk for riders who wore
reflective  or  fluorescent  clothing.   In the recommendation arising
from  the  Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety, the Victorian Parliamentary
Road  Safety  Committee   paid a good deal of attention to the work of
De  Craen  et  al (2011), published by SWOV.  De Craen highlights that
brightly  colored  high-visibility  clothing  is  more effective in an
urban  environments  which,  in  Victoria,  is  where  80  per cent of
2-vehicle  novice  rider  crashes  occur  (Victoria Police crash data,

(In  my experience, riders who volutarily wear hi viz clothing tend to
be carful in nature and would be less likely to crash. - DC)
Research  regarding  the  role  of  conspicuity  can  also be found in
Motorcycle Conspicuity – What Factors Have the Greatest Impact?

This  study  found  a  significant  increase  in detection distance of
brightly cloroured riders in both rural and urban settings.  This more
recent work may not have been available to the Parliamentary Committee
when  it  made its deliberations as the report was not published until
June 2012.    

3.  VicRoads  plans  to study the before and after effects of the high
visibility  vest  law  in  reducing  novice  rider  injury  and  fatal
motorcycle  & scooter crashes VicRoads will monitor the effects of the
GLS measures on novice rider safety as part of its general road safety
data  collection.

(The  2012 Inquiry and several others criticised the way   crash  data
was   collected   and   assessed  in  this  state  and recommended and
independent authority to take over that role. - DC)
4. Definition of a high visibility vest? Colour? Reflectivity? Areas?

It  is  intended  that  the  definition of a high-visibility vest will
align  with Class D/N garments as specified in AS4602, High-visibility
safety garments. Regulatory amendments to implement this are currently
being prepared.  

5. Compulsory boots for motorcycle & scooter riders

On   February  28,  2013,  The  Victorian  Premier  announced  in  the
Victoria's Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016 that the Government would
"introduce  a  mandatory  requirement  for motorcyclists to wear boots
that are at least ankle high to better protect them".

A copy of the Action plan can be obtained from

As  I advised you during our discussion on this matter, last year, our
current  plans  are  to  recommend  a  requirement  that preserved the
ability  riders  to  have  a free choice of the type of boot chosen to
comply  with  this  requirment  with  no specific performance standard
being imposed.

Work toward implementing this policy is currently underway.

6. GLS Implementation date

The  GLS  has  not  yet been made law.  The various components will be
implemented via legislation or regulation and the timing of these will
be   determined  by  the  Government  and  Parliament.   However,  the
Government's  announcement regarding the GLS, on 1 May 2014, indicated
that  the  first  stages  of  the  GLS are planned to be introduced in
October  2014. You may also care to note that the new GLS restrictions
will   only   apply   to  new  learners  or  novice  riders  from  the
implementaion date, existing riders would not be affected (Yet. - DC).

Further  changes  will  be  introduced  in  2015 to introduce the more
significant   changes,   including   mandatory  training  and  on-road

I  trust that this information is of help to you.


James Holgate
Director, Vehicle and Road Use Policy
60 Denmark Street
Kew VIC 3101

<>, <>
Date:        14/05/2014 10:12 AM
Subject:        Re: GLS RESEARCH?

Rodney Blythe
Policy and Programs

Dear Sir.

Thanks for your reply.

The  Independent  Riders Group would like the answers to the specific
questions  about  stakeholder  consultation  and  detailed information
about  peer-reviewed  research  on  the  GLS  itself  and  on the high
visibility  vest  law  and  on the lights-on law in writing as soon as

The IRG was NOT included in stakeholder consultation. The IRG strongly
opposes VicRoads COMPULSORY CONSPICUITY measures.

The  IRG  knows  of no scientific research that provides evidence that
compulsory conspicuity measures reduce motorcycle & scooter crashes.

A  third question. What plans do VicRoads have to study the before and
after effects of the high visibility vest law in reducing novice rider
injury and fatal motorcycle & scooter crashes?

A  fourth  question. What is the definition of a high visibility vest?
Colour? Reflectivity? Areas?

A  fifth  question. Is VicRoads or any other government agency working
on making boots COMPULSORY for motorcycle & scooter riders?

Can   you please   confirm   that the GLS has NOT been made law to May
14,  2014  and  advise  the  date it will go to state parliament for a

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group
Hi Damien,

My apologies for the delaying responding. I will endeavour to
update the M-GLS webpage in the next few weeks to include the
information you are seeking or send it through as an email.

Rodney Blythe
Policy and Programs
03 9854 2713

Date:        06/05/2014 10:59 AM
Subject:        GLS RESEARCH?


Dear Sir,

Minister  Mulder's  media  release  on  the  Graduated  licence system
claimed that in developing the Graduated Licence System there had been
widespread  stakeholder  consultation and that there was peer-reviewed

Can  we  please  have  a list/schedule of the stakeholder consultation
conducted in developing the Victorian GLS?

Can  we  please have a copy of the peer-reviewed research conducted in
developing the GLS?


Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group
<Public forums final report.pdf>


Agreed.  We heard nothing of these sessions.  Sound like window dressing to make a predetermined position by Vicroads/Vicpol sound like one reached through community consensus.  Far from the truth.


Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 16:02:13 +1000
Subject: Re: GLS Research

James Holgate

Dear Sir.

When  we heard about bike forums in recent years we asked to attend as
legitimate  stakeholders.  We were told it was "invitation only". This
happened  more  than  once,  to  more  than one of us. When one of our
members  did  manage to get in to one of these forums it was described
by  a  panel member as "an information night". It was not described as
an exchange of views or a chance for stakeholder input.

At the one workshop we were finally invited to last March there was no
mention of compulsory conspicuity laws. Or compulsory boots. 

and so on ....

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