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May 30, 2014

A story on motorcycles & scooters will be published in at least a
couple of Leader publications in Victoria next week, as well as online.

The proposal to extend the zero BAC period for novice riders from
one  year  to  three  still  needs  to  be approved by the Legislative
Council   (Upper  House).  The  other changes under the GRADED
LICENCE SYSTEM  (the  Hi Viz vest   law  and  the  lights-on  law)
are  being introduced   through  regulations,  so  they do not need to
pass through Parliament.

Our  elected representatives are cut out of the system by the abuse of
public  service  regulatory  powers.  Why  waste  tax payer dollars on
parliamentary inquiries when VICROADS/TAC can save us from ourselves?

VICROADS  will  expand state hi viz and protective clothing regulations
to cover ALL riders when they think they can do it quietly.  The same
will happen with bike boots, gloves, jackets and pants. VICROADS wrote
to me saying the bike boots regulation was already being drafted.

These rules will spread across Australia. Riders  choice  of  gear will be
reduced and costs greatly increased.

The Independent Riders Group has no problem with better rider training
at reasonable cost but an added $300 to get a bike licence is way too much.
That money would be better spent on safety gear.

We  strongly  oppose COMPULSORY protective clothing (helmets excepted)
and conspicuity laws. We strongly oppose laws and regulations that are
based on bureaucrats opinions not on real science.

There   was  uproar  at the Mortorcycle Advisory Group on May 29, 2014
over the bad information on traffic filtering given to Minister Mulder
for  the  media,  the  conspicuity  laws,  the way MAG is dominated by
VICROADS and the "cleansing" of the MAG minutes.

Roads  Minister  Mulder  only gets advice from car-driving bureaucrats
and   academics  who  cherry  pick  data  to  suit their agenda. Their
agenda is to make it harder, if not impossible, to get a licence to
ride a motorcycle or scooter and keep it.
In Opposition Terry Mulder MP was all smiles and reasonable attitudes to riders. Minister Mulder has broken the promises he made. Victoria's 326,000 bike licence holders can no longer afford the ill-informed, weak minister. L to R: Damien Codognotto OAM, IRG; Terry Mulder  Liberal MP; Michael Czajka MRA Road Safety & Research Officer.

If your local paper does not run a motorcycle story next week, go and ask them why. The Herald Sun, The Age and Leader have all written bike stories in the last week. Channels 7, 9 & 10 ran news stories on traffic filtering and the IRG protest on May 26. And. there were bike rider interviews and talk-back on several programs on ABC radio city and country, 3AW and Gold FM.

Now is the time to see your MPs.

Riders  have  no  right  to complain later if they do NOTHING now. The
next Victorian election is November 2014.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

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